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Standing up…with Herbal Call-to-Action

Like Alexis at Wort + Cunning, I am compelled to share resources about supporting Standing Rock, now even more than ever before. The latest news from Standing Rock is (as of November 14, 2016):

CANNON BALL, N.D. – The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers today announced they are delaying an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline project until it conducts further environmental review with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The Corp noted that “construction on or under Corps land bordering Lake Oahe cannot occur because the Army has not made a final decision on whether to grant an easement.

Seemingly, this seems positive, although if we relied completely on the efforts of bureaucracy, this would get us no where, idle and lost. I see much ‘outrage’ right now, as you should, you should see outrage always, then do something about it. It would be great to be passive and “see how this all works out,” however the reality is, that would be great if you find yourself in a position where your home isn’t being threatened, your source of drinking water, your way of being and your beliefs. This is what is happening at Standing Rock today and days before this.

Sharing resources is important, but fulfilling needs and outcomes with actual and tangible efforts is critical now. Many herbalists including the Free Fire Cider team are sending supplies and formulas to the front lines. Other items are in demand, as is monetary donations for the camp, as they are bracing for winter. As I speak, I think a snow storm is expected over the Plains. Please refer to the list of donations before sending herbal items to see what is actually needed: Monetary Donations, Medical, and Herbal Needs.

There is also an NO DAPL fact zine available here in case you are wondering what this is all about.  Solidarity is great, symbolism of solidarity is great, but I think it boils down to actual evidence of participation and allegiance, how do you align yourself through your actions?

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